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Mickey Cooks Up A Mexican Feast at San Angel Inn

Whenever we spend the day at Epcot in Walt Disney World, we try to ensure there’s a meal planned for the San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion. It’s a Disney dining experience that is always a terrific treat.

The San Angel Inn restaurant is inside, but has been built to make you feel like you’re dining under the stars in Mexico. You can see the pyramids, and enjoy the Mexican music while you snack on tortilla chips and peruse the menu.  The three caballeros are throughout the pavilion, and add the Disney flavour to the restaurant and shops.

Speaking of flavour, there is plenty.   DD11 enjoyed the beef tacos. Despite being in Mexico, DD5 still wanted chicken tenders.   DH had rib eye tacos. While I had pollo a las rajas.  Very tasty.  The meal, with a couple of draft beers, came to $84.67 before tip.


June 23, 2011 - Posted by | Lush Life Disney, Lush Life Food, WIne & Spas

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