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Special Pricing 1st Eastern Caribbean sailing of Disney Fantasy – Apr.21.12

Greetings, Mickey is still overseeing the work of his ship builders on the brand new Disney Fantasy cruise ship. The Fantasy’s maiden voyage isn’t scheduled to take place until Mar.31.12. And, if the excitement and enthusiasm of this year’s Dream (launched in January.11) is any indication, the Fantasy will quickly sell out.

How would you like to check out the new Fantasy? And on its inaugural sailing to the Eastern Caribbean?

Vision 2000 has an exclusive offer for its clients, with special pricing for the Fantasy’s 3rd sailing on April 21, 2012, and it’s very first 7 night sailing of the Eastern Caribbean.

You have to act quickly, though, cause there is limited availablity, and Vision 2000’s special pricing expires on JUNE 3, 2011. Any unsold cabins will then revert to Mickey to sell at prevailing market prices (which will be at least $400 USD more per adult, or $1000 more for a family of 4 in a category 5C deluxe verandah cabin). And, besides the terrific pricing, there may be some other special amenities for Vision 2000 clients…




[St. Maarten]

[St. Thomas]

[castaway cay]


[Aqua Duck water slide]

[Teen Clubs]

[Adult only areas]

Also featuring

[Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique ]

[Aladdin Musical]

[Kids clubs and activities]

Call me for a detailed quote for your family! But don’t wait – this offer is gone on Friday, June.3.11! Sheila Gallant-Halloran Travel Advisor at Vision 2000 Travel Group

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Virtuoso Amenities Improve Even Long-Weekend Hotel Stays

I’m a member of a business networking group that meets every Friday morning. Yesterday, a colleague asked whether it would be beneficial to book a long-weekend hotel stay through me, rather than just book something on the internet.  I gave him this example of a hotel booking I’d just made for some clients. 

The clients were looking only for a long weekend stay at the Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, and got rates for a simple four-night stay on the hotel’s internet site. But, fortunately for these clients, they checked with me before booking online. Not only was did they get my personal service, with the same internet rate, but because I am a Virtuoso travel advisor, I am also able to negotiate the following amenities on the clients’ behalf for their stay:

1.) a free upgrade at check in (subject to availability),

2.) a daily full buffet breakfast for 2 at the Cafe de la Terasse (which is a value of $26.50 per person per day, plus tax, so that is ~$250 value),

3.) a $100 food credit for their stay, and

4.) a 4 pm late check out (subject to availability).

Not only are these clients getting >$350 in guaranteed amenities, with the likely free upgrade as well as the late check out, their amenities will be more in the order of $650 on a simple four night stay.

Just because my clients called me first!

Gotta love being a Virtuoso travel advisor!

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Puttin’ on the Ritz (Carlton) in Toronto

I know you’re humming the tune… (“If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to why don’t you go where fashion sits -Puttin’ on the Ritz”…) My family just returned from a long weekend stay at the new Ritz Carlton in Toronto. We had a fabulous time.

The rooms are classically decorated, and extremely comfortable – and the views aren’t bad either (that shot of the CN Tower was taken from my room window).

When we walked in, I thought my 11 year old daughter wanted to move into the bathroom – besides being tastefully decorated, the heated tiles and tv in the mirror were lovely touches. 

We had great food at Toca restaurant (named for TOronto CAnada).

And, of course, we enjoyed the pool.

The hotel also has a terrific exercise room, spa, Toca bar, DEQ charcuterie, and a cheese cave!

From the moment we walked into the door, and were warmly welcomed by name, we experienced friendly and courteous service. All hotel staff really went above and beyond to ensure our comfort. We really enjoyed making the hotel’s acquaintance, and can’t wait for a return visit.

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Some Century – Fun Facts as Airline Industry hits 100

The airline industry is 100 years old.  Thought it appropriate to share some fun facts from the Travel @home team of Vision 2000 to mark the century…. and as we take on the second one in fine style! 🙂

On 17 May 1911 the first fee-paying passenger to a specific destination took flight in a tiny biplane.

Other “firsts” since then include:

• Aeroplane with toilet, 1913 Passengers had to cross their legs until the giant Russian Knight arrived.

• In-flight meals, 1919 Sandwiches, fruit and chocolate were offered on London-Paris flights for 15p.

• Air hostesses, 1930 United Airlines stewardesses had to be nurses – and not more than 25 years old or 115lb.

• Air charter holiday, 1932 “But air travel IS safe . . .” was the forlorn slogan of the London travel company arranging flights to Switzerland.

• In-flight magazine, 1947 The honour went to Pan American’s Clipper.

• Duty-free shop, 1947 Irish souvenirs were offered for sale at Shannon airport.

• Supersonic airliner, 1968 The TU144 beat Concorde, the plans for which the Russians had nicked, hence the name “Concordski”.

• 2011 Spaceport Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic base in New Mexico opened to the public last week.

Thanks to the head of Vision 2000’s @home team, Lynda Sinclair, for sharing these fun facts! 

If you want to come join us as we take on the next century, give her a call.

Lynda Sinclair, CTM
Manager, Vision 2000 Travel@home
Vision 2000 Travel Group
Phone: 416-275-9283

Please visit for recruitment information.

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Special Virtuoso Offer – “ReClaim” electronic luggage tags

The world is getting smarter, and so are your luggage tags! Take charge of your precious cargo, and help prevent your luggage from being lost or delayed with Connxys’ new “ReClaim” electronic luggage tag.

This incredible “smart tag” is the world’s first to feature a unique online itinerary, and 24/7 live support that not only helps airline officials to route your luggage to its proper destination, but can also help reduce travel delays – even if the original airline paper barcode tag is damaged or missing.

Give me a call if you want to find out more about this amazing new travel technology.

Virtuoso price of $39.95 USD. (Or, you can buy 3 and get one free.)

Add a SAFETY NET to your luggage. Contact me for details.

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Guest blog, Rebecca Page-Concierge Home Services while on Vacay

 Today is guest blog Monday, and I have my client, Rebecca Page, sharing her expertise and views for arranging Concierge Home Services while you’re on vacay. Check out Rebecca’s website at the end and/or give her a call to connect by phone or email to the person who takes care of your area for house and pet sitting. (Or you can complete the online form which will direct to the right office, based on your postal code).


Planning for a trip is an exciting time. Lots of thought is put into planning your destination, but what about the place you are leaving behind?

Lots can go wrong in your home while you are away. And sometimes that damage won’t be covered by your home insurance. The fine print of your policy requires that the house not be left vacant and unattended for specific lengths of time. In the 10 years that Concierge Home Services has been providing home checks and pet sitting, I’ve seen many examples of this.

We’ve found backyard hoses left on in the summer, and furnaces switched off in the winter.

The worst horror story was a family who left for a short ski trip, and came home to find that the living room ceiling had collapsed onto the TV. There was a lake of water in the basement. A window had been left open in the bathroom, causing a pipe to freeze. Water had been pouring for days. It was a huge, expensive mess, which their insurance would not cover. Their policy had required home checks every 48 hours during the winter months, and they had not arranged for that while they were away.

Needless to say, their travel planning checklist now includes calling Concierge!

A home check is $20 + HST and covers a visual inspection of windows, doors, furnace, and ceilings. Plants can be watered, mail brought in, and lights changed. Garbage and recycling can be brought to the curb on the usual day.

Pet owners get all the benefits of a home check. So, in addition to knowing that their home is safe, clients will know that their beloved pet remains in the comfort of home. It is an ideal situation for cat owners who want to avoid kennels. Over the years we have looked after fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters – even turtles! Fresh food and water is put out, litter and cages are cleaned, and we always make room for playtime.

For peace of mind while you are away from home, consider calling Concierge for home checks or pet sitting as you plan your next trip.

Concierge Home Services provides total household management to busy homeowners. With 4 Ottawa offices and 2 awards from the Better Business Bureau, they are your ideal choice for home checks and pet sitting as you prepare for your trip. Find the office near you at their website

Rebecca Page

Marketing & Franchising

Concierge Home Services

Total Household Management

Tel 613-523-9441 Ext 1

Fax 613-523-6185

Follow me on Twitter @RebeccaPageCHS

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Mickey loves the Grand Gathering of a Family Reunion

This weekend, I’ve been helping a couple of clients plan family reunions at Disney. The groups are slightly different – but generally there’s a mom and dad with a couple of kids, a couple of aunts and uncles (or cousins) with kids, sometimes a friend or two, and grandma and grandpa.  Mickey still loves the grand gathering of a family reunion.

There is still a “Grand Gatherings” department. If your group has 8 or more people, I can set up a “grand gatherings” for your travel party.  Room reservations are then tied together with a “grand gatherings” number.  Grand gatherings are the best way to ensure multiple rooms are as close together as possible.  While adjoining/connecting rooms are never guaranteed, having a “grand gatherings” number certainly elevates your party to the top of the room configuration list.  The Disney room assignment folks generally map out room assignments 5 days before you arrive – and they always do “grand gatherings” first.  Mickey loves for families to come together and play, so they do everything they can to ensure family reunions and/or blocks of friends travelling together can stay close together. This is important if you’re at a 2000+ room hotel.

But, if room assignment isn’t a big deal, there are still benefits to having a “grand gatherings” set up. I sometimes have clients with family members having differing budgets and interests in terms of resort hotels. No worries. As long as folks are travelling the same dates, and we have 8 or more, we can still set up a “grand gatherings” number- even if one family is staying at the Pop Century, one is at the Port Orleans Riverside, and one is at the Grand Floridian.

The benefits to the “grand gatherings” number also entitles groups of 8 or more to participate in special “grand gathering” celebrations.  If you have a “grand gatherings” number, I can also arrange some magical gatherings for your group, such as :

1. the “good morning character meal at Tony’s Town Hall Tavern” – only for parties of 8+

2. the safari celebration, which involves your group taking the last Kilimanjero safari of the day, and then having a special meal at Tusker House (with characters Timon and Turk of Lion King)

3. a special banquet at Odyssey House in Epcot, followed by vip seating for Illuminations

4. a Magic Kingdom fireworks cruise

So, if you’re thinking about visiting Mickey, and have a party of 8 or more, be sure to give me a call.  I can set up a “grand gathering” for your family group.



There are

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Major Price Reduction on Oceania Cruises – Historic Savings Event

Wow – if you want a HISTORIC SAVINGS EVENT, this is for you!  Oceania Cruises just announced a Major Price Reduction on 2011 & 2012 Sail Dates.  How Major? Up to 75% off Cruise Fares plus Free Airfare!

 Here is a list of sailings to which the new offer applies:

 Sailing Length Ship Departing Embark Debark Current Offer

 Mediterranean Rhapsody   14 Insignia 15-Oct-11 Istanbul Barcelona 2-1, Free Air, $250 SBC pp 2-1, Free Air, $3000 off per stateroom

 Artistic Explorations  10 Insignia 12-Nov-11 Venice Rome 2-1, Free Air, $250 SBC pp 2-1, Free Air, $2000 off per stateroom

 Samba Serenade  12 Insignia 10-Dec-11 Rio Buenos Aires 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $2000 off per stateroom

 Roman Revelations  14 Nautica 1-Oct-11 Istanbul Barcelona 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $3000 off per stateroom

 Timeless Treasures  18 Nautica 4-Nov-11 Athens Dubai 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $3000 off per stateroom

 Lands of Grandeur  30 Nautica 22-Nov-11 Dubai Cape Town 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $4000 off per stateroom

 Sands of Time  12 Marina 19-Sep-11 Istanbul Athens 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $2500 off per stateroom

 Legacies of Antiquity  12 Marina 21-Oct-11 Rome Istanbul 2-1, Free Air, $250 SBC pp 2-1, Free Air, $2500 off per stateroom

 Sands of Time  12 Marina 2-Nov-11 Istanbul Athens 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $2500 off per stateroom

 Splendid Escapes  10 Marina 14-Nov-11 Athens Rome 2-1, Free Air, $250 SBC pp 2-1, Free Air, $2000 off per stateroom

 Sapphire Seas  12 Marina 10-Dec-11 Miami Miami 2-1, Free Air, $250 SBC pp 2-1, Free Air, $2500 off per stateroom

 Ultimate Panama Canal  21 Regatta 9-Sep-11 San Francisco New York 2-1, Free Air, $500 off 2-1, Free Air, $3000 off per stateroom

 Passage to Panama  16 Regatta 30-Nov-11 Miami Los Angeles 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $3000 off per stateroom

 Imperial Interludes  25 Nautica 28-Feb-12 Bangkok Beijing 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $4000 off per stateroom

 Dynasties and Rising Suns  16 Nautica 24-Mar-12 Beijing Hong Kong 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $3000 off per stateroom

 Connoisseur’s Collection  35 Nautica 9-Apr-12 Hong Kong Athens 2-1, Free Air 2-1, Free Air, $4000 off per stateroom

Passage through Panama 18 Regatta 24-May-12 

 South American Splendors  19 Insignia 3-Jan-12


This offer is combinable with group amenities (and Vision 2000 has several group contracts). 

The booking window is May 9, 2011 through August 31, 2011 but these cabins won’t last long!

See the flyer and contact me or 613-837-0699

 oceania HSEger_color_editable 2 


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Disney does up Fairytale/ Royal Weddings in Style

  Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

If you want a fairytale wedding, give me a call. You can get married like Cinderella (and dress up some ugly step-sisters/ cousins to boot).  I can work with Disney to get your regal affairs in order, and give you a fairytale wedding.

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Holiday like Wills & Kate in the Seychelles

Rumours abound that William and Catherine have escaped to the Seychelles for their honeymoon.

Want to holiday like royalty?  How about a trip to this piece of paradise?

Fregate Island Private is one of our Virtuoso partners. So I can negotiate special amenities on behalf of my clients when they stay at one of their villas – amenities such as

Virtuoso guests may receive:
Daily full breakfast included in rates
Complimentary Snorkeling excursion (1 1/2 Hours), Value 100 EUR per couple
Spa Credit of 100 EUR per person, per stay.

Don’t you deserve to “live the life of Riley” and holiday like Royalty?

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