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Professional Associations-Cruising for Continuing Education Requirements

I’ve been helping a couple of professional associations consider how best they deliver their continuing education programming.  Cruising offers an interesting alternative.

Cruising offers a terrific venue for learning, and updating your skills, while still giving you the option to vacation with your family.  Continuing educational requirements could be structured so that you learn during the “at sea” days of your cruise, and families might amuse themselves with various onboard activities. Then, “at port” days are for vacation time.

Generally, cruise ships provide meeting space for groups for free (although advance booking is required to secure space). Cocktail parties, and receptions, etc., can be arranged for pricing that is certainly comparable to land resort costs. And there can be a significant benefit so that the costs of coffee breaks, continental breakfasts, networking luncheons, etc offer significant savings to associations over a comparable land resort. 

In addition, professional associations can structure programming so that it delivers on needed technical, and professional development aspects.

Thinking about continuing education requirements for your association?  Think about cruising!  Give me a call.


April 15, 2011 - Posted by | Lush Life Cruising

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