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Eyeing a Destination Wedding? Set your sights on Vision!

I just booked a destination wedding for a client, and I’m thrilled with everything I can put together for the client at my new host agency, Vision 2000 Travel Group. If you’re eyeing a destination wedding, you should definitely set your sights on Vision. We have vision – and our eyes are focussed on what you want! Plus, we have eyes in the back of our head -so you don’t have to!  🙂

Helping the client pick their destination wedding resort is the first big step, of course. At Vision 2000 we know that the Destination Wedding is about the perfect stay, not just a perfect day. We help brides/grooms-to-be find the perfect resort for their perfect day, and we work with the resort to arrange all of the finer points. We also have key partnerships that help us get our clients more for their money. Our experience means we know what to ask for and how to ask for it.

We have to get to the heart of what couples want, whether they want to be married on a white sand beach, or in a gazebo/ chapel, etc.; we have to consider all the needs and interests of the wedding party, and of course we take care of the travel needs of all the guests.  I get the travel details sorted, and then work with an event planner (either locally, or at destination) to get the ceremony details sorted.  It’s a long process, but terrifically rewarding when everything comes together.  But there are a lot of details to co-ordinate.

Choosing a destination wedding doesn’t remove the decision making process from planning a wedding – it only changes the location of the party. 

Communicating the details on the location of the party can get a little tricky. 

There are often large numbers of people to be invited and informed about the travel details. The bride/groom-to-be may wish to invite 100+ guests from acoss Canada and the US and elsewhere. Obviously, I work to ensure all 100+ people get the info they need in a speedy way, without the bride-to-be getting 100+ phone calls or email queries. At my old host agency, I’d design a document for the bride-to-be with all the details of the chosen resort, insert a picture of the bride and groom, plunk in all of the travel details, outline rooming options, and spell out deposit and payment dates. It worked well, but it was still an email that needed to be fowarded  – with a rather large attachment. Obviously, there were ways to improve.

And with Vision, I have.

At Vision, I now have a personalized website where I can feature select products that interest my specific client base. I can also create a specialized product. And, I can create a specialized product for my brides/grooms-to-be with all of their wedding details.  Have a look at one I’ve just created for my clients.  It works like a charm, and is easier to forward to friends and family than an email attachment. Plus, the couple can include the hypertext link in any printed invites they may do.

I think it’s kinda cool!

Course, the destination wedding “product” featured on my website doesn’t end how Vision and I help with the details. 

1.  We can also create a personalized website for the bride/groom-to-be.  We set it up so that the bride/groom-to-be can add details about themselves, photos of themselves, and information that they want their guests to have. 

2. In providing that secure, customized website to host all of the information guests would need, we also have an e-invite service to send out invitations to the couple’s guest list. This e-invite service also lets the couple manage their responses.

3. We also can add a gift registry (so the couple can identify items they’re interested in) and/or set up a honeymoon registry (so guests can contribute funds towards the honeymoon/ destination wedding trip). See details on honeymoon registry here

4. And, we can add a Guest Registration page, with links on the bride/groom-to-be’s personalized website, as well as my product website – that enables me to get the initial booking details from guests automatically (and, of course, then follow up with each guest individually by phone).

See for details.

 and our services

Eyeing a Destination Wedding?  Set your sights on Vision. We have vision – and our eyes are focussed on what you want!


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  1. Also for a destination wedding, try St. John, US Virgin Islands’, “Island Style Weddings”,

    Comment by Hillcrest Guest House, St. John, US Virgin Islands | December 5, 2010 | Reply

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