Sheila Gallant-Halloran

Made-to-measure travel; please, go away! :-)

Bespoke Tailoring of your Travel Needs

My tagline is “Made-to-measure travel: Please, go away!”

Clever? I hope. Catchy? Perhaps. Punny? 🙂 .

The idea behind my tagline is to have a phrase that you’ll associate with me. For new clients, I hope the second half of the tag will stand out enough that if you’re thinking of going away, you’ll think to call me so I can help you “please, go away!”.

For existing clients, it’s the first half of the tag that gets them to call me the second (and third, and fourth) time… and to refer me to their friends and family.  It’s the “made-to-measure travel” – the bespoke tailoring of your travel needs.

I pride myself on my attention to detail, and outstanding service. My customers continue to honour me by giving me wonderful accolades for that service (and my last agency awarded me with their top award for Canada for it).

One of the things my clients say they value in working with me is my attention to their needs. I spend a lot of time talking to new and returning clients, to understand what is most important to their family for this vacation.  

I DON’T specialize in the cookie-cutter tour operator package designed for the masses. Sure, I can sell you that (or you can book it yourself on my website, and the booking will be associated with me, should you need help).  But if you’re chasing the lowest possible price for the lowest possible quality, I’m probably not the agent for you. The internet can offer you all kinds of transactions that are price-driven only – with everything that a detached, impersonal, cookie-cutter booking engine can deliver. I offer more.

I offer relationship-based travel services. I get to know and understand my clients needs. And I offer a personal touch.

I’ve had clients call me when a terrible fog shut down the Mexico City airport, leaving them stranded. I’ve had clients call me from Marseille when a wind storm forced them to reroute through Paris. I’ve had clients affected by the European volcanic ash. And I’ve had clients whose trip of a lifetime to go see Michael Jackson at the O2 Arena in London were suddenly dashed.  Calls to online booking engines (such as expedia) would likely have had the affected folks holding the phone (literally) for hours on end (while in a foreign country), waiting while they tried to get assistance. Instead, a quick call to me got their issues sorted.

So – service is definitely one huge plus – you can get me on the phone.

But the bespoke tailoring, or made-to-measure travel arrangements are pretty cool too.

Just this month, I’m building customized excel spreadsheets for itinerary planning, and booking advance dining reservations for several Disney clients. I’m arranging for one client to go into FAO Schwartz in New York City before the store opens to dance on the “Big” piano. My affiliation with Virtuoso enables me to vip a client going to the CuisinArt in Anguilla, and I’ve negotiated a free upgrade at checkin, continental breakfast for each day of their stay, and a spa treatment. And for clients wanting to visit the Sistine Chapel, Virtuoso access allows me to arrange private tours.

If you want a business suit to fit you perfectly, you go to a tailor and have it custom-made. The value derived from the bespoke service lasts for years.

Shouldn’t your travel plans also be custom-made to fit you right?

You never get to recapture your personal time, so your vacation has to be right the first time.

Extraordinary travel experiences don’t just happen – they are created through collaborative effort.

So, if you’re thinking about the kind of memories you’d like to take away from your next vacation, please give me a call!


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