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Travel – Organized: Guest blog by Smart Space’s Heather Burke

Monday’s child is “fair of face.” And that will never be more true than around this blog. On Monday, it’ll be “Guest Bloggers’ Day,” with some of my friends and business colleagues classing up this joint! 

This week, I’m fortunate to have Heather Burke write a guest blog for me. Heather’s company is Smart Space: a professional organizing service dedicated to helping individuals, families, and organizations achieve greater productivity, reduced stress, and enhanced well-being.  They create customized solutions to increase the efficiency and simplify processes of any home, office or individual; and they specialize in working with creative individuals, people with ADD/ADHD, Traumatic and Acquired Brain injury (TBI and ABI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Chronically Disorganized and Hoarders. (You may just have seen Heather on that A&E show!)  They help you by providing Calm, Clarity and Control over your environment.

If you need help organizing your life, especially for an upcoming trip 🙂 , give Heather a call! Her contact details are below.  Her tips will help you prepare for your vacation. (And she’s also suggested a good packing list from  Smead Organomics: . Just make sure you also include your travel advisor’s card – just in case you ever need my assistance at destination!)



Though traveling takes us away from our cluttered lives, planning a trip can create its own clutter. But you need to make sure you have all of the important documents and information you need while on your trip. Keeping them organized will make your travels much more enjoyable.

Plan ahead

In the early stages of planning a trip, gather materials in broad categories:

  • Call Sheila (travel agent)
  • Hotels
  • Places of interest
  • Restaurants
  • Airfare/transportation  (see blog on organizing for your rental vehicle).

As your plans begin to take shape and you clarify your travel details, further breakdown is needed. If you are on a business trip (yes conferences count! BlissDom and BlogHer  were well attended events), you’ll need additional information about your meetings and other scheduled events.

Capture all of your important travel information

Gather documents that you will need to have on your trip:

  • Photo identification
  • Prescriptions
  • Passports/Visas
  • Hostel card
  • Itineraries
  • Tickets
  • Drivers license
  • Medical coverage

Print any emails or web pages that contain travel details:

  • Contact information
  • Electronic tickets
  • Confirmation numbers
  • Schedules

Keep it organized

I use a multi pocket vinyl divider.  Dividing up your travel materials makes it easy to find a specific document in a hurry. Once you have decided on your categories, be consistent about returning items to their dedicated locations. You’ll be able to grab the items quickly when prompted to present them. Here are some typical categories for your travel file:

1. Tickets/airline confirmations

This is an essential category as you build your travel file. Quick access to your flight information, tickets and boarding passes reduces a lot of stress at the airport. You can even place car rental reservations here.

2. Phone numbers

Make a list of essential phone numbers in case of emergencies and in case you need to call your credit card companies while traveling. Leave a copy of this list at home.

Ensure that your credit cards will be accepted in the countries in which you will be travelling.

3. Itinerary

This is where you can place the schedule you have planned for the trip. Keep it where you can find it quickly as it will be referred to frequently.

Print  out a copy of your conference itinerary.  Highlight what you want to attend.

4. Maps and directions

Look at where you are going and what you want to see. Standard road maps as well as maps from online directions resources. Don’t forget to include a highlighter in your luggage as a navigation aid. GPS and locates on Smartphones do not work well in many locations.  

5. Brochures

Clippings from newspapers or magazines or any brochures you have gathered in the anticipation of your trip.

 6. Hotel reservations:

Keep all of the confirmations for your lodging in one location. Stage them in the order in which you will arrive.

7. Receipts

Keep all of your receipts from the trip. Use them to compare against your credit card bill, or to submit travel expenses for reimbursement.

Keep your travel file handy.

Make sure you carry your travel file with you at all times. It’s nice to be able to check your plan details at any time during the trip. Now you can relax and read a novel on the plane because you have taken the stress out of organizing your travel information.


Heather Burke




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