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Chef Mickey’s at WDW – a Family Tradition

 “Hi, my name is Sheila, and I’m a Disney-holic.” Ok, it’s true. But I’m not really interested in stopping, so forget the 12-step program!

We’ve been to Disney (WDW) 18 times now. We love it. It’s a great way to spend time as a family, get lots of exercise walking, and be applauded for generally acting goofy all day long. Where else can that happen?

Each time we go to Disney, we HAVE to visit Chef Mickey’s. It’s part of our tradition. We get a photo taken of the family each time, and have them proudly framed on my office wall. It’s a really neat way to see how much the children have grown from one trip to another.

So, this September’s visit to Disney was no different. We were at Chef Mickey’s for breakfast.

Character meals at Chef Mickey’s are generally during breakfast and supper hours, and sometimes, in busy times, they add a lunch.  But my brood prefers the breakfast – it’s a great way to start the day before hitting Magic Kingdom park. You can visit with the characters for photos and autographs (so you don’t have to queue up later), you sing a “Celebration” song and dance around, and you fill your tummy from their fantastic buffet, so you are fueled for the day ahead. 

(One hint, though, if you go for supper, the natives can be a bit restless. Tired and overstimulated kids, and tired and now alcohol-imbibing parents, can raise the noise level and lengthen the meal time. It can get a wee bit crazy.)

We find the breakfast meal the best. There’s always a bountiful spread at the buffet – for your fruit, oatmeal, yogurt crowd; as well as your eggs, bacon, sausage, heavy cheese omelette crowd. There’s breakfast pizza, and, of course, Mickey Mouse waffles. There is also a lovely assortment of hot and cold non-typical buffet fare too. And then there’s a dessert buffet (what kid doesn’t like rice crispie treats for dessert – especially in the morning!)

Of course, the characters are the main draw here, as with all character meals. And Chef Mickey’s is one of the few places to get Mr. and Mrs. Mouse together these days. 

We saw Chef Mickey, of course, but also Minnie – Ceili’s fave character….

And we saw Donald Duck…


And Goofy…







And Pluto – Ciara’s fave character.

Breakfast buffet came to $94.75 for the 4 of us, before tip… and this would’ve counted as one table service on the Disney meal plan.  We also purchased the imaging package of the photos (continuing the tradition), and that was $29.95.

Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s is synonymous with visiting Walt Disney World to my family. It’s part of each visit!  Once you go, you’ll understand the excitement. Don’t miss it!



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