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Fall Rhapsody in the NCC

I love the fall!  Cool, crisp weather. Bountiful harvests. And vibrant colours.

One joy of living in Ottawa, our nation’s capital, is that we get to take in a lot of festivals each year. And there’s no festival like the “Fall Rhapsody” that our National Capital Commission (NCC) puts on each autumn. 

The fantastic Gatineau Park is just a few minutes drive from Parliament Hill, and offers more than 90 kms of trails and bike paths.

There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy in the Gatineaus. 

But one of the greatest (and easiest) pleasures to take in is to simply hop in your car, and drive. 

Just cross over Portage Bridge by the Parliament Buildings, turn left at Alexandre-Tache (which is Laurier, if you turn right), and follow the signs.  (Or locals can just head towards Camp Fortune.)

It’s an autumnal treat for the senses to take in mother nature in all her colours.

The NCC puts on the “Fall Rhapsody” festival from Oct.2-17th this year… but the leaves seem to have peaked a little early. Still gorgeous, mind you, but the brilliance is fading (and the leaves are starting to fall).

Thanksgiving weekend was crowded, and cars were lining the Gatineau Park highway, with parking lots bursting the seams at the various lookout spots. But if you persevered, you’d find a place to park.


There’s lots to do at the Visitors’ Centre, you can enjoy the Mackenzie King estate, or hike along Pink Lake. But my family headed up to Champlain Lookout…

Where we took in the views…


And hiked through the trails.

While the trails are maintained, and have built-in steps, etc., there are still craggy tree roots that pop up along paths, and some spots have pretty uneven footing. And then, there’s the occasional stream to cross.  It is nature, after all!

It was an enjoyable walk/ easy hike for my family of 4 (well, 5 – if you count our mini-goldendoodle, Scamp). However, it would’ve been tough if we still had a babe in a stroller, or had brought along older family members (especially ones with any mobility issues).

We had a wonderful afternoon in the Gatineau Park. 

Can’t wait for next weekend!


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