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It’s a small world at Pixie Hollow: Disney

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando, I explained to my 4-year-old how the newest “meet and greet” at Toontown works. Tinkerbell and her fairy friends were waiting for us to see them, but, since everyone knows that fairies are wee, we would have to walk through a magical forest, get sprinkled with pixie dust, and then be shrunk to pixie size.

Upon leaving the roped wait area, before going in the hallway/ magical forest to Pixie Hollow, Ceili turned to me in a panic: “Mom, if we shrink to pixie size, do our pens and autograph books too?”

Um… yes…

Crisis averted, we continued on to the forest, and were shrunk, autograph books and all, so we could be the same size to meet the fairies. Ceili was beside herself with excitement when we were ushered in to meet Tinkerbell.

The fairies are popular.  The day we visited, there was a 45 minute wait to meet Tink and her friends, while the princesses (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Belle) next door only had a 15 minute wait… of course, I held our spot in the Pixie line, while Bill took Ciara and Ceili to meet Cindy and the girls.  Double dipping in the meet and greet! 

I was surprised by the wait differentials between the two lines, but when I thought a moment about it, I don’t believe it’s because the princesses are passe.  There is still oodles of merchandise and princess events around WDW. But there are also many other venues available to meet the princesses – including those impromtu meet and greets that pop up throughout the parks (that’s besides the various character meals where you can see them). However, the fairies are only at Toontown – where else get you get shrunk to pixie size?

The day we visited Pixie Hollow, Ceili was anxious to meet the  fairies from the recent movies. (You have seen the new Fairy movies, right? :-)…) Silvermist was nowhere in sight, but we did meet Fawn and Vidia.

And, of course, we met Tinkerbell.

Apparently, it was Vidia’s first day at Pixie Hollow, so we were lucky to meet her…  although Silvermist was definitely missed by Ceili… (Ciara was a good sport to accompany her little sister throughout it all.)

 We left Pixie Hollow, and returned (along with our autograph books) to normal size. But, a return visit will definitely be in order.


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