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Anguilla – 1st Caribbean island alphabetically, 1st in my heart

[tweetmeme] I just came back from my first trip to Anguilla. I can promise you one thing – it will not be my last.

What a gorgeous island! It is first in any alphabetical list of Caribbean islands, but it is now also first in my heart. I have a new favourite Caribbean island! Absolutely stunning.

What makes Anguilla so special? Here are some things in the “no” list to think about:

1. No cruise ships
2. No chain hotels
3. No high rises
4. No all-inclusives
5. No fast food outlets
6. No jet skis
7. No crowds
8. No attitude

===> here are some special things in the “yes” list to think about:

a. YES – the best beaches in the world (ranked by the Travel Channel)
b. YES – some of the top resorts in the world (Cap Juluca and CuisinArt are on Conde Nast’s gold list, ranked top in Caribbean –
c. YES – a variety of accommodations – from 2.5* beach resorts to ultra supreme 5*+
d. YES – more restaurants per capita than NYC or Montreal (who needs all inclusives that tie you down?)
e. YES – it is a British Overseas Territory – so English is spoken everywhere
f. YES – free wifi everywhere that I toured on island (from small hotels to big ones)
g. YES – same electrical voltage as North America – no adapters needed
h. YES – the island is becoming well known amongst the rich and famous who escape there for the beauty and the quiet – so you might just hob nob with them (just don’t ask for an autograph – Anguillans do not bother folks)
i. YES – prices are extremely reasonable over summer months (1/3rd of prices from Christmas week) – it’s a steal of a deal if you go now!

So – go visit Anguilla. She’s a “classy lady” -well worth getting to know!


June 12, 2010 - Posted by | Lush Life Destinations, Lush LIfe Top Posts


  1. I really like the No and Yes list. Very interesting for sure. I had never heard of the place until now. Cheers

    Comment by weddingchaplain | June 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks – it certainly is a beautiful place!

      Comment by sheila0gh | June 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hey Sheila,
    Your photos are very enticing… how long of a flight is Anquilla from Newfoundland. Photos are crazy beautiful!

    Comment by Donna Gallant | June 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Hey Donna – you basically have to get to St. Maarten, and then take a water taxi/ shuttle across (another 8km). Westjet flies direct from Toronto to St. Maarten on Sundays in summer time. So, you’d either have to fly to Toronto first, or get to a US city (such as Atlanta or JFK or Miami) and fly from there. (Few flights into AXA itself, unless small flight from San Juan.) Course, if you’re coming at it from Florida, easier trip. Excellent deals in the summer!

      Comment by sheila0gh | June 13, 2010 | Reply

  3. I think I’m gonna be a wanna be Anguillian. From the NO list it appeals to me and I know lots of my friends. I think we will do our best to get there asap but only when it is not summer weather in Winnipeg May to September. Hope this November. Thanks, Jim

    Comment by Jim Bell | June 15, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Jim – Thanks for your comments. Many places on the island shut down from Sept-Oct. (extremely quiet there then), but the ones that are open will have tremendous deals. Go before the Christmas prime period starts with rates (depending on hotel, can start in November).. Let me know if you need any help with arrangements – it’d be my pleasure!

      Comment by sheila0gh | June 15, 2010 | Reply

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